You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful by Kendra Kantor

“You are beautiful” I wrote this reminder to myself on my mirror.

I want you to remember this too. You are beautiful.

You might have more curves, you might have less curves, you might be right in the middle and you. are. still. beautiful.

Your hands are beautiful because of what they achieve. You sculpt, you paint, you bake, you hold hands, you garden, you type, you pray.

Your mouth, your lips are beautiful for the words that grace their skin. You kiss, you eat, you smile, you frown.

You are beautiful because you are human.

You are beautiful because you love, because you are kind, because you have a story and it is unique. [tweet this!]

Your beauty shines deep, it shouts out to the stars and all the world. Your passions make you beautiful. Your goals and hopes and dreams make you beautiful.

Your legs and feet are beautiful. They carry you where you need to go. And if they don’t, you are beautiful for enduring.

You are beautiful for surviving.

You are beautiful and loved.

Beauty comes from your mind, from your thoughts, from the art you create. From the life you give to plants, children, pets. To the hope you give to others who see you and feel less alone because they feel a connection to you.

You are beautiful no matter the size of your nose.

“You are beautiful” I wrote this reminder to myself on my mirror.

I need this, from myself to myself.

You need this, from yourself to yourself.

You are beautiful if you are an apple shape, a pear, an hourglass or who the fuck knows what shape. [tweet this!]

You are beautiful because you believe you are. You are beautiful even if you are not.

I’m not a super model but I’m still beautiful, inside and out.


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This post is inspired by my #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK project.

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One Comment

  1. Posted June 3, 2014 at 8:21 am | Permalink

    THIS is beautiful! You are beautiful, Kendra.

    I am beautiful because my body is my story. It has been through so much. I am beautiful because I have gifts to share with the world.


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