A Detailed Look At Feeling Fulfilled After Losing Your Passion: Help Others

One of the most popular posts on my blog over the years was one I wrote in 2012 called “5 Ways To Feel Fulfilled After Losing Your Passion”. Over the next few months, I want to expand on my original list, share each of the 5 ways to feel fulfilled in more depth and from a newer view point.

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A Detailed Look At Feeling Fulfilled After Losing Your Passion: Help Others to Help Yourself by Kendra Kantor

Help others OR Start Shifting from “What Can I Do?” to “Who Can I Help?

My business is all about helping people. It’s what I do. But before I figured out that helping women with mental illnesses was my passion, I got such a thrill and enjoyment of life from just helping people and giving advice.

Over social media, in online forums…I’ve helped people. I’ve helped people start etsy shops, I’ve given advice on how to take a certain photograph, I’m talked about parenthood and birth and babies. I’ve helped with art journaling and blog creation, seo and more.

Start doing little acts of kindness. Things that make you smile and feel good. It’s not about personal gain here, it’s about helping others.

Donate old clothes or books or random things you don’t need and were going to throw out. You never know what people need but can’t afford.

Volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter.

If you’re a parent, help out the PTA or at a bake sale.

If you have an elderly neighbor, offer to mow their lawn or walk their dog.

Bring some lemonade out to construction workers or a give a gift card to your librarian.

It doesn’t have to be big, expensive or take a lot of time. But help in a way that brings joy to you and that makes your soul shine.


Share in the comments: How have you coped after losing your passion or career goals in life? How have you helped other people or gone out of your way to be kind and helpful?

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