Check This Stuff Out V3: Body Painting, National Parks and Swimsuits

“Check This Stuff Out!” It will be chuck full of inspiring, beautiful and interesting things I’ve found on my wanderings around the web. I hope you enjoy.

Lovely Links v1

I recently did an interview with Sofia Wren about my book Dear Self! Watch the video above or click here to watch on youtube.

“You are welcome to have your opinions. And you are welcome to keep them for yourself. Please do not leave them at the gates of my empire. They will only be thrown in the incinerator, as all of my storage facilities are full.” LOVE THIS MESSAGE.

How a Body Painting Model Helped Me Love Myself Again “And with that, I’ve grown from someone who would cover parts of herself with her arms to hide her flab, to someone who proudly struts around the streets of Portland naked, with nothing to hide. That confidence and pride is incredibly sexy.”

We’re big on nature and picnics around here as a way to connect as a family. These tips to maximize your visit to a National Park is fantastic!

If I had more wall space, I would be buying this beautiful breastfeeding print.

As a plus size girl, I’ve always been shy about my body and wearing a swimsuit. After being on steriods for illness for over 6 months, I have even more stretchmarks that I hate. BUT I’m not letting that stop be from going to the beach with my toddler this year (or ever). Such an important message: Mom’s Put on That Swuimsuit!

You Might Have Missed This:

—I have a post up on Motherhood Unadorned: I’m Not a Bad Mom Because I Switched From Breastfeeding to Formula

Dis-Engaging From My Thoughts and Using Art as a Reminder: “I like to use butterflies to let my thoughts ‘float away’ because I see it in my mind as them fluttering around, still there for when I DO want or need to engage with the thought, but I don’t have to worry about it at the present time.”

My Free “I Am Proud!” 14 page journal has been re-designed and is ready for you to download! One lovely journal-er said: ““Kendra, your I Am Proud Journal is a thing of beauty, both to look at and to use.”


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    Thanks for including my tips for visiting National Parks! I hope your fans enjoy them 🙂


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