Tips to Improve Your Self Confidence with Selfies Part 1

Tips to Improve Your Self Confidence with Selfies Part 1 by Kendra Kantor

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As a photographer, I’ve used myself as a model since I started (when I was 13) and over the years, I’ve learned that self portraits are the ESSENTIAL TOOL to help increase my confidence.

A few weeks ago, I said something similar on my facebook and had a comment that said, “Interesting concept! I never thought of it as a way to improve self-image.” So I realized that maybe there were other women out there thinking self portraits were just vain and a way to document but not a way to improve your self image.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a self portrait or selfie just to document the moment. Even selfies that you take because you feel beautiful, that is part of improving your self confidence.

Since my anxiety and depression have been improving so much, I’ve started to realize how terrible my self image and self talk is. I catch myself saying negative things, in my head and out loud, “I’m a bad mother.” “I’m so fat.” “I hate my stretchmarks.” “I’m never going to succeed.”

Obviously not all of that is wrapped up in my self-image BUT as I’ve started to improve my self image, my confidence in a mother and business woman has improved as well.

You can accept and love yourself by utilizing the selfie as a tool to improve your self confidence. [tweet this!]

In 2012, I wrote a post about self acceptance and talked about how I had influence in my life that showed it’s normal to talk negatively about yourself. I’ve been trying since then to come to terms with the fact that it’s okay to like myself, it’s okay to be curvy and bumpy.

I started really utilizing the selfie as a way to improve my self confidence in January when I took self portraits for 7 days. Since then, I’ve started a project I call #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK in which I take a selfie and compliment myself or write something I’m proud of or something I like about myself. It’s hard some days, and I don’t take a picture everyday but it’s incredibly healing for my self esteem.

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Tip to Improve Your Selfies by Kendra Kantor

Compliment Yourself. Be proud. Take pictures of what makes you feel beautiful.

This is my biggest tip and the best way I’ve improved my self esteem since January.

Before I take a picture, I think about what I’ve done that day that I can feel proud about. Sometimes, it’s finishing a blog post or working on something new for my business. Sometimes, it’s taking my son to the park.

Or I think about what makes me feel beautiful. What do I like about myself? A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about being beautiful.

I’ve written that my lips are my favorite part of myself. I’ve written that I’m a good photographer. I’ve written that I’m a good mom. I try to write things that I believe in that moment. It’s not just about writing things until you believe them, it’s believing something so you record it and remember it.

I don’t always feel like a good artist or good mom, sometimes I feel the exact opposite is true. But in those moments, I can look back at my self portraits and say, “Oh yeah, I felt good about this last week, that means I can get there again.”

Tip to Improve Your Selfies by Kendra Kantor

Don’t be afraid to photograph the parts of yourself you don’t like.

This has been major for me. It’s not about taking a picture of your rolls or your oily hair and saying, “yuck!” It’s about trying to find the beauty in those parts of yourself.

I’ve taken pictures of my stretchmarks and my stomach and written about how these are parts of me and my story. I have stretchmarks and a big stomach from getting healthy and being on medication, I have stretchmarks from carrying my son and becoming a mother. These things I celebrate. I learn to celebrate the reason and cause of these “negative” parts of me, and through that I learn to love them.

Self Portrait by Kendra KantorSelf Portrait by Kendra Kantor

Tip to Improve Your Selfies by Kendra Kantor

Selfies don’t have to be just you. Take pictures with family and friends.

A self portrait can include more than just you! I often take pictures with my son because being a mother is a huge part of me. Plus he’s almost always around when I’m taking pictures and he loves to be part of it.

Having more than just yourself in the picture can make the image become more of a document of a moment or event instead of a confidence building tool if you aren’t careful. Think about why you are including these friends and family.

I take pictures with my son when I am having a proud mama day. I take pictures of me with my husband and son on a picnic because I am incredibly proud of myself for being able to go on a picnic, it would have been nearly impossible last year.

Self Portrait by Kendra Kantorwith VSCOcam with f3 preset

Tip to Improve Your Selfies by Kendra Kantor

Play around with different angles

One of my favorite tips for any kind of photography. If you’re taking a self portrait, you usually try to do straight on right? Try shooting from below, or shooting from above and getting your feet. Put your phone on the ground, set it in a tree. Do something different to get a unique shot.

Self Portrait by Kendra KantorSelf Portrait by Kendra Kantor

Tip to Improve Your Selfies by Kendra Kantor

Don’t forget the details

A selfie is more than just your face.

Take pictures of the details about yourself you like. For example, I’ve shot my fingers because I like that my nails are naturally long. I’ve taken tons of close ups of my eyes because they change color everyday and it’s fun to see.

Detail shots are also good to tell different stories about an event. Below is an image of my feet in the grass. It was a picnic day with my family and instead of taking a group shot to record the peace and to be proud of myself, I shot this detail instead.

Self Portrait by Kendra KantorSelf Portrait by Kendra Kantor

I’ll be back next week with 4 more tips to improve your selfies! In the meantime, start playing around with your self portraits and share them on instagram with me.


Share: Have you used selfies as a self improvement tool before? What holds you back from taking self portraits?

This post is inspired by my #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK project.

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