Anger Releasing Art Activity

Anger Releasing Art Activity by Kendra Kantor

Anger. Rage. Indignation. Irritability.

All of these feelings and variations on them can crop up when you are dealing with mental illnesses or, you’re hormonal (hello PMS, Menopause, Pregnancy…um…life?!), or when you just encounter a bunch of things in your life that make you raaaaaggeee.

So how can you release that anger and be productive with it?

I know when I’m anger, a lot of what I want to do is yell and scream and maybe punch a wall (or a person). But that doesn’t release the anger really, it just creates more and it’s not productive either. (also, I really hate the feeling of rage, I wrote a poem about it here).

I did this fun art project last week and it’s perfect for autumn and perfect to release some pent up anger.

-Watercolor paper (or mixed media, something with some teeth to it)
-Paper towels
-Hammer(s) (I used a regular hammer and this one)
-Piece of scrap wood and a sturdy surface to work on

Anger Releasing Art from Kendra Kantor

All you have to do is go in your yard or maybe a close nature park and find some leaves. I learned that some work better than others and from what I can tell, it’s based on the color as well as the freshness of the leaf. What you’ll be doing is basically hammering out the pulp so you need a juicy leaf. Grab a bunch of different kinds (no crunchy ones!) and experiment.

Put down the scrap wood on a surface (I actually used one of our sturdy dining chairs), put down the watercolor paper then the leaf (face down so the color and front is facing the paper) then place a paper towel over it.

Here is where the releasing of the anger comes in:
Start hammering! Keep hammering. Lots of hammering. You need to get every part of the leaf hammered and go over a good couple times.

The picture above shows what it should look like when you are done hammering. You can see that the pulp/color of the leaf has transfered to the paper towel and you can see all your hammer marks.

Anger Releasing Art from Kendra Kantor

The picture above shows what it looks like when you take the paper towel off. Nice and mashed up!

The picture below shows my failed leaves. I did 5 leaves and 1 came out nice but I had a very wide variety of freshness and colors, so I’m pretty pleased with what I ended up with.

Anger Releasing Art from Kendra Kantor

And voila!

Anger Releasing Art from Kendra Kantor

Lots of hammering to get out your anger and get some movement happening and when you are done (hopefully) some fun art for your wall. I’ll be framing this and hanging it above my work space.

Share: How did your leaves turn out? Feel free to send me a picture!


ps: The Real Faces of Mental Illness: Mckella and Seasonal Affective Disorder AND Dis-Engaging From My Thoughts and Using Art as a Reminder

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    If you need to hammer some more and want another seasonal activity, my daughter’s class hammered golf tees into a pumpkin (then they pried them out and put a candle in—sounds like a cool jack o lantern to me).


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    This is perfect! I love finding new ways to channel and express emotions. This is good to do with kids too!


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