Encouraging Growth and Promoting Stability

Encouraging Growth and Promoting Stability: words for 2015 by Kendra Kantor

I did things a little differently things year when coming up with my word(s) for 2015. One thing that felt very important to me is something I commented on in my update for my 2014 word:
“These things I’ve focused on the last two years are values that I can and will continue to focus on in my life, they aren’t fleeting, they are lasting and impactful and I love that.” (read the rest of the post here)

I wanted the words I picked for 2015 to be concepts that I can continue to nurture in my life long after the year is over. I didn’t turn to my tarot cards this year and I didn’t even do a lot of journaling to figure these out. I just went about my week around Yule with an open mind and an open ear. Paying attention to the words, phrases and values that stuck out, that jumped at me. And this is what I’ve found I need.


I want…
to grow my business
grow in knowledge
grow in creativity
grow in mindfulness
grow my numbers
grow my finances
watch my son grow
grow my relationship with my husband
grow my acceptance
grow my joy


I want…

a stable routine I enjoy
stability in finances
stable and consistent growth
stable emotions

At first, I thought these words were kind of…opposite and might work against each other. How can I have stability when I seek growth? Because I want stability in some things and growth in others, I want to be stable in my life but grow so that I (we as a family) can accomplish me goals.

I don’t know how these will manifest themselves but I am so looking forward to keeping them in my mind as I go through the next year.

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