Celebrating Strength

Celebrating Strength by Kendra Kantor

Strength comes in many forms. Physical strength and mental strength. Even emotional strength.

Strength is about feeling powerful, capable but most of all it’s about feeling brave.

I am all about celebrating little accomplishments and strength is something that can come in so many forms. It’s all subjective. You might feel strong for saying no to dessert one day this week, your best friend might feel strong for acing a job interview.

For me, I constantly try to celebrate the strength I had to survive the worst of my depression and anxiety.

I am so incredibly strong, I shock myself sometimes.

Written around March, 2014:
I’m having an anxious afternoon and I’ve been managing so well lately that while I sit with a rock in my gut and my breath caught in my throat, I wonder how I managed to live with this level of anxiety for almost 3 years without completely breaking?

It’s because I’m strong (and had an amazing support in my husband).

When I have days now that my anxiety or depression is overpowering, when I feel it deep in my soul and it just hurts to live…I feel strong.

I lived with that pain and anxiety for almost three years straight and I made it through

That’s powerful.

That’s amazing.

I feel so proud when I think about that.

What makes you strong? What are you proud of accomplishing?

Sometimes, it takes strength just to get out of bed in the morning. It takes strength to be a parent all the time. It takes strength to pursue your dreams or run a business.

It takes strength to admit you need help.

If you feel like breaking or like you can’t hold on anymore, that doesn’t make you weak. It just means you need more love and support in your life.

Tell me in the comments below: What makes you strong?


PS: Have you heard about #YesToBeautiful?

My all new (and first ever!) group course is all about self worth and celebrating YOU. You may remember, back in June I wrote a post called “You Are Beautiful“. It focused on telling myself I am beautiful, that I am more than enough and that my body and mind are beautiful.

That post and the words above drove me to create the all new #YesToBeautiful Group Course. Let me tell you about it.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look at yourself with love?

Do you wonder how your friends are so confident in themselves when you’re so unsure?

Can you remember the last time you looked in the mirror and smiled?

Using mindfulness, creativity and kindness, The #YesToBeautiful Group Course is a 4 week program designed to help you start accepting your physical self and embracing your flaws as a part of you that can be loved and cherished.

By improving your self worth, you will improve your confidence, increase your joy and start being free from worry.

Reserve your spot in the #YesToBeautiful Beta, now for only $87!

We start February 9th, 2014!

What do you get? Private community, live group chats, weekly articles and activities as well as meditations!

(price is likely to double or triple when this course comes out of beta!)

For more details, click here.

I’m so thrilled to be introducing this and I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey. Please contact me with any questions.

This post is inspired by my #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK project.

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