The 5 Mindful Senses Challenge

5 Mindful Senses Instagram Challenge by Kendra Kantor

I’m excited to announce an all new instagram challenge I’m hosting!

The 5 Mindful Senses Instagram Challenge : March 2nd – March 6th


Using your 5 senses for 5 days, you’ll learn to pay attention, focus on one task at a time and from there, you can use those skills in other parts of your life!

Why the senses?
Because it’s basic and open ended. There are so many ways to be mindful in our lives but mastering mindfulness starts with practice. Often, a lot of practice. It’s not always something that clicks right away or works all the time or perfectly. It takes trial and error and starting with the very basics can help you build a backbone for the practice.

Plus, they are so open ended and I can’t wait to see how many various pictures we see each day!

What does mindfulness teach you?
“Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a sustained and particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non judgmentally. Mindfulness is what arises when you pay attention on purpose.” – Jon Kabat Zin

Mindfulness is about being in the moment, but it’s about being aware of yourself in that moment. For example, I used to have really anxious times around 4pm almost everyday. I thought it was just my normal high anxiety hour. When I really started to pay attention to myself during that time, I realized it was just overwhelm from a long day with my toddler.

When I am able to recognize that, I take a moment to think about how I’m re-acting to that anxiety. I could let myself sit in it and let it fester and build. But instead, I try to re-act by being more involved with my toddler. We roll around and tickle each other and just enjoy rough housing for a while and I am completely in the moment because of how I re-acted.

How do you use this on your wellness and other aspects of your life?
Mindfulness becomes about paying attention to your physical body as well as your thoughts. It is about being aware of yourself, being present and being kind.

Mindfulness can be used to up your productivity, engage with clients or your children, improve your mood and so much more!

Focusing on one moment, one task at a time is being mindful.
Fully engaging with your child as your play tea party or legos is being mindful.
Closing all social media and turning off your phone while talking to a friend or client is being mindful.

So how can you start to use this practice?
You start small. You take a small step and apply what you learn to other parts of your life.

Here’s the main image for the challenge, super simple and easy! Feel free to grab the image (right click and hit “save as”) and share it on your instagram, twitter, facebook and blog.

5 Senses Mindfulness Instagram Challenge from Kendra Kantor

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If you’re planning to take part, follow me on instagram, post your images with the hashtag #5MindfulSenses and feel free to leave a comment below with your instagram url. You can also connect with me and others during the challenge in my all new facebook group.

Want some extra thoughts and inspirations on each of the senses during the 5 days? Sign up below or click here.

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