Introspection-aholics™ Podcast 002: Kristin Misik, Inner Confidence Coach and Acupuncturist

The Introspection-aholics™ Podcast is a bi-weekly mental health and self awareness podcast focused on helping women thrive in their life by showing up for their wellness!

Featuring interviews with real people who suffer with mental illnesses and those support them as well as discussions on general wellness, self care and current mental health talk.

Pulling from my own experiences with depression, anxiety and postpartum depression, I’m your host Kendra Kantor and I’m ready get real on these hard topics to help YOU re-define, re-align and discover who you really WANT to be.

Introspection-aholics Podcast Episode 002 Interview  with Kristin Misik

Kristin Misik, inner confidence coach for women, acupuncturist, and creator of the Confidence Cultivator Experience, helps women overcome self doubt + believe in themselves. She has been a featured speaker at MTV Networks, VH 1, UN Women and is a contributor to the Huffington Post. Connect with her at her website and on FB.

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1:20ish : I realized that our outer lives dictate what is happening inside our bodies in terms of health and well being. It’s not just about what we eat but about how we view the world as well.

2:30ish : Kristin is OVER “Happy” by Pharell but loves listening to Devandra Barnhart.

3:30ish : Kristin picked this quote from the I Ching for our listeners about what is going on in your life and what is relevant to you right now: “The simple truth is that every moment in every person’s life contains the teaching he or she most needs at that time. It is not always immediately apparent why a thing is happening because the Sage is often inclined to work in a roundabout fashion. Nonetheless, whatever is happening now is what must happen. Our only task is to trust the process and allow the lesson to seep in.”

Kristin drinks coffee AND tea!

5:45ish : I was called, destined for my work, but not because of my own personal struggles…I didn’t even know what [Chinese medicine was]. I walked out the doors saying, “This was what I was meant to do.” It was purely fascination and curiosity that pulled me into it.

8:05ish : What is helpful is that even if I haven’t gone through it, I’m a living breathing authentic example of someone who has it figured it on how to create synergy and balance in my life. I prevented many illnesses from happening.

10:00ish : The 5 Element Theory bridges the gap between coaching and acupuncture. How we understand health from birth to growth is explained by the 5 Elements. It explains how our body works and functions and serves to give context to why we are as individuals, the way we are. Someone who has a lot of water energy, that will dominate their physical features, body shape etc. They will also have health issues that are connected to water energy: difficult with infertility or low energy, back pain or knee pain. So understanding what is someone’s dominant element helps me as an acupuncturist and a coach to give a deeper understand of how someone is made up.

12:15ish : Kristin mentions the book: Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine that delves deeper into these 5 elements.

14:20ish : Kristin went SAILING around The British Virgin Islands on her honeymoon.

15:45ish : At 19, she manifested an opportunity to nanny in Germany.

16:30ish : Kristin shares how she learned to trust herself, completely.

17:20ish : The choices that I make for myself, if it strikes a chord for me, I go for it. Even if I fall on my face, I’m going to be okay. Big decisions have come from taking the attitude of “what do I have to loose?”

20:00ish : I came to a profound understand that we tell ourselves, “If only we had done something differently, our life would be so much better.” We make the best choices for ourselves at the time.
20:20ish : Saying “I should have done this differently” is dis-empowering. It makes you the victim, takes you out of the driver seat of decision making.

24:45ish : In that quiet space of introspection, it’s easier to tune out other peoples ideas and my own ego to get to a point of clarity. To learn to trust my decision or have faith that I’m at the point where I need to be in my life.

26:00ish : To the 20 something woman who is stressed and overwhelmed: Exactly what the I ching said. It’s a hard lesson, it’s hard to understand but you are ALWAYS in the perfect place in your life. If you can shift the lens on your circumstances right now and ask your, be curious. Ask “What am I supposed to learn from this?” can help you shift from blah to introspection and looking for an answer.

26:25ish : You just have to be open to receive information. Don’t put a time limit on things, to achieve all things all figured out is too much pressure. There’s no time frame. You are at the perfect time in your life, you just need to be open and curious.

27:40ish : You don’t have to have it all figured out.

Find out more about archetypes for free at Kristin’s Website. Learn about Acupuncture and Nutrition (NYC).

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