Ask Kendra: How Do I Pull Myself Out of a Blah Day?

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How Do I Pull Myself  Out of a Blah Day? from Kendra Kantor |

How do I get out of a bad mood/day when I’m stuck in one?

Oh I love this question! We have ALL been there. For one reason or another, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just can’t seem to pull yourself from your funk. It seems so simple but it’s such a vast answer. The key thing I want to remind everyone of here is: Everyone is different. Don’t stop trying.

Every person has a different set of coping techniques that will work for them. And even then, what works one day might not work that next. That’s totally normal, and totally okay! The key is to not completely give up forever when something does’t help. Because getting out of a crappy mood or learning to manage panic attacks takes work.

9 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk



Sometimes just getting out of the house and walking around the yard for 10 minutes can give you a different perspective. Sometimes taking a long jog or walk to the park can help. Sometimes, we get in the kind of funk that makes us super.super.lazy and I get that! That’s how I feel when my depression crops up, but not only does the change of scenery sometimes help but it’s been proven that moving your body is helpful in general. So if you don’t want to walk, you could do yoga, or kickboxing, or jumping jacks.


Find some funny videos on youtube (I’m partial to Buzzfeed videos) or browse I can haz cheezburger. Roll around with your kiddo and pretend your hands are spiders until they are laughing so uncontrollably that you have to join in.

Blare You Favorite Childhood Music

Music is such an amazing thing, it can evoke so many emotions and listening to just the right thing can help you feel better. Personally, when I’m in a grumpy mood, I’ll try to blare some hard rock because it feels like it understands me. But that won’t help me feel better. The best thing, is to play something that makes you want to get up and dance! (Spice Girls, anyone?) It has been proven that listening to music reduces stress even.

Mindlessly Enjoy Someone Else’s Life

Meaning, turn on the TV or read a book. But make sure it’s nothing heavy. Go for light-hearted and fun! Like Friends or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt. For books, I always recommend a good romance but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t pick a drama or something that talks heavily about issues that you personally deal with. Sometimes, I’ll start a book and then realize the character has an anxiety disorder and I LOVE reading about it and seeing it in media, but when I’m in a funk, I can’t read that or it’ll make me even worse.

Grab Some Girl Time

Or boy time or significant other time. Whoever you can take for a coffee or a beer and just VENT, grab them and go.

Express Your Mood

Don’t bottle it up, get it OUT in a productive manner. This could be creatively such as throwing some paint on a canvas or hammering leaves or even doing some writing/journaling. It could come out in the form of exercise like martial arts, rock climbing or just hitting a punching bag for 30 minutes (tip: if you don’t have access to a punching bag, try the Wii version, not exactly the same but might help!). Sometimes, I clean when I’m anxious so maybe now is a good time to tackle that back bathroom reno or ripping out the carpets or waxing the car.

Plan For Your Desires

Sometimes, we get so stressed about what we want out of life that it makes our current situation seem terrible and then the FUNK comes on and you can’t get rid of that BLAH feeling. Have you sat down and really planned what you want and how you are going to get there? Recently?! Maybe now is the best time to grab that notebook, jot down some true action-able goals and grab that momentum.

Snuggle a Puppy

Yes. Really. Go to your local pet store or shelter and play with a puppy for fifteen minutes. There’s a

Embrace Your Mood

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t get rid of that bad mood. Maybe you’ve alleviated it, maybe you haven’t but it just won’t go away completely. What now? Embrace it and accept it. Let yourself have a good cry, each some chocolate and allow your grumpy mood to play out all on it’s own. It’s not the easiest thing but sometimes, it’s truly what you need.

What’s more important than remembering that everyone has different coping techniques is that all emotions are okay.

All emotions are allowed, all emotions have merit. This print is to remind yourself: I don’t have to enjoy this anxiety, but it exists, I feel it, I live it, I allow it and I let go.

Share in the comments: What do you do to pull yourself out of a blah day?

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