Introspection-aholics™ Podcast 007: Parrish Wilson, Content Strategist

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Pulling from my own experiences with depression, anxiety and postpartum depression, I’m your host Kendra Kantor and I’m ready get real on these hard topics to help YOU re-define, re-align and discover who you really WANT to be.

Introspection-aholics™ Podcast 007: Parrish Wilson, Content Strategist
Parrish Wilson is a Content Strategist and Writing Coach for optimistic solopreneurs ready to share their wisdom and brilliance so that they may inspire others to flourish.

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1:45ish : I am stuck in the 90’s! Otherwise I listen to songza!
2:35ish : At a presentation about using intuition they said if you listen to stuff that has a lot of bass to it, that helps ground you.
3:30ish : I’ve been doing a whole food cleanse so I’m off coffee right now.

4:35ish : I don’t have a first experience because depression has been part of my life for as long as I remember. It’s just a part of me and how I live and operate my life.
5:00ish : When I was younger, I remember experiencing it but I didn’t share it. My family had it’s issues and I didn’t feel I needed to contribute to that.
5:25ish : In my early 20’s, I realized I wasn’t the same as everyone else. I had always felt that way, I didn’t know that other people were happy. I didn’t know what that was on a regular basis.
6:00ish : Other people were able to cope with things I wasn’t able to.
6:10ish : I would hit the winter time, and drop out of school and go down south to see my dad. For 4 or 5 years I would do this, I left high school and then I went down. I left university and went down and then started again in September.
7:15ish : I decided to go to the head of my [counseling degree] program. He said, you can be a good counselor if you deal with your own stuff too. Be sure you deal with it, I am here.
7:55ish : He said, you can’t leave and you have to get help but you don’t have to be in class. My anxiety was too high.
8:00ish : I would drive to school, I would drive to the parking lot and my anxiety was so high and I would have to drive home.
9:05ish : I got through the winter and was seeing a psych for the first time. I got my first official diagnosis which was depression with a seasonal influence.
9:35ish : when I got to the next winter season without finding a medication that could help, I went on a really stringent life style routine. I had a strict diet, no sugar and I quit drinking. I ate organic whole food, gluten-free, diary free.
10:30ish : I worked out, I did a solid 8 hours sleep every day.
10:40ish : I got through that winter like a rock star.

11:20ish : I did that lifestyle when I had to, when I needed to get back on track. Being active became a part of my life and it had never been before that.
11:30ish : Eating better and just being aware that those things could help was important.
12:35ish : as a mom, I’ve had to find other ways.
12:50ish : I had depression during both of my pregnancies and postpartum following both of my babies.
13:05ish : I was all ready. I said oh of course I’m going to hive postpartum. I had this whole plan set up.
13:15ish : But my depression looked so different, I didn’t recognize it.
13:23ish : I was a totally educated person, both personally and professional and I didn’t recognize that I had postpartum.
13:50ish : It didn’t look like staying in bed all day because that wasn’t an option.
13:55ish : It didn’t look like dropping out of school and living on the beach for 4 months because that wasn’t an option.

14:30ish : On your own Mama Truths website Parrish said: “There was no happily ever after, it was hard and I thought it was just me.”

15:10ish : When I first became a mom…it was supposed to be happily ever after. I had an amazing partner and my children were wonderful but I didn’t like being a mom.
15:20ish : I didn’t know how other people did like it.
15:30ish : I was really confused. This was basically the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I had a beautiful baby but this sucks, I feel horrible.
16:10ish : I thought I must be the only one that feels this way. Everyone talks about how it’s wonderful and beautiful and they are having an amazing experience.
16:20ish : When my second was born, it was the worst year of my life.
16:46ish : It was only when I started to write when I realized that I wasn’t alone.
17:15ish : When I realized that so many people felt the same way, I started talking to women in person. I would do it to any women, with a toddler and a baby I would say, “omg it sucks doesn’t it!” And it was amazing because they would be like, “Yeah, it does.”
17:35ish : We were all struggling and we were all scared to admit that.

18:20ish : It’s so amazing when we realize that we are not alone that lifts so much of the pain.
18:40ish : I’m okay with the fact that I deal with depression and anxiety. It doesn’t mean that I’m a miserable person or even an unhappy person. I love my life. And I create that for myself.
19:00ish : People need to know that that is an option. People need to know that others are happy and they can be happy too.
20:10ish : I’ve had friends commit suicide and it’s utterly devastating. And we just need to be open. Those of us who have suffered, we need to be okay to be open because that’s how we safe people’s lives.
21:30ish : I have brought more physical activity into my life. What works for me is expecting very little. I do like 5 minutes of yoga in the morning and just that connects me enough to get me going.
21:55ish : I’ve started to meditate more.
22:30ish : I do my best around sleep [with two kids who don’t sleep through the night yet].
22:55ish : My husband was told, sleep is the number 1 thing that will affect postpartum and depression and the dr said you have to do the night wakings for the health of your family.
23:55ish : Now my husband does the night waking which is wonderful.
23:40ish : I write. Writing is a big part of my process to get through my emotions.
23:55ish : There’s always another day. I really know that. Even if I have a hard day, i really do know now that it’s just going to be that day.

24:50ish : I don’t face much stigma, I really don’t.

27:50ish : My business is related to my creativity and it helps a lot to make me a happier person. I think I’m a workaholic so working is part of what helps me cope.
28:30ish : Being a mom, it gives me a way to be great without being that’s not related to parenthood and that’s a really beautiful thing that I need.
28:55ish : Having my own business means I’m not working in an office.

29:35ish : I still work 40 hours or more a week but I can shape those around things. I stop work at 4 on work days. And I spend an hour cooking and decompressing and that’s a beautiful time for me to have for myself.

30:50ish : Am I an introspection-aholic? Yes and no. I read a lot, I journal all the time and I think tons but then I try to stop myself. Trying to move toward mindfulness and less introspection, I’m not going to obsess over everything.

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