Photographs from August 1st-August 4th

This August, I’m taking part in the #AugustBreak2015 from Susannah Conway.

I’ve been really unfocused lately. I’ve had some extra sad days, feeling fatigued, lethargic and annoyed. The August Break is giving me a perfect chance to take a little break for myself, some self care but continue to be mindful and present of my community.

All Tangled Up | Photograph by Kendra Kantor

All Tangled Up

This is me.
Tangled, gnarled.
Bare and dense.
Growing, each branch fighting for the light.
This is how I feel,
this is how I see the world.
Death and life in one.
Focus and blurred,
unsure where to look.
This is how my stomach feels.
Packed in, overwhelming.
This is me.

What I See | Photograph by Kendra Kantor

What I See

Often, what I see isn’t the shape or the object
or even positive and negative spaces…
What I see
is the light and the shadow.
What I see
is the color and
the blending of the world.

My Body| Photograph by Kendra Kantor

My Body

When I look at my body, at first all I see are flaws.
Lumps and curves,
scars and marks.
The deeper I look,
I see the reminders of
pregnancy and childbirth,
of growth and change.
Of sickness and healing.
I see the harshness of the world
and the love of a mother.
I pause,
I breathe,
I accept.

The Details Draw Me In | Photograph by Kendra Kantor

The Details Draw Me In

I wander on a forest path.
It’s hot, humid and sticky.
My skin is bathed in bug spray
but they still come after me.
I try to ignore them as my feet kick up
dust and debris.
I hear the swish of bikes and the clink of a dog’s leash.
I don’t see the forest as a whole,
I see bits and pieces.
I see leaves and streams.
I see bugs and webs.
Drawn to wonder,
drawn to wander.

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  1. Kelly
    Posted August 4, 2015 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    I am so happy for you to be taking time out for yourself, and also to have fun with your photography!


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