Journal Prompt: What If…

Journal Prompt: What If by Kendra Kantor |

During my little break from business, I spent a lot of time being creative. Just getting my hands messy, using my camera, writing and scribbling.

Something on my mind a lot lately are the “what if’s”…when I’m in a low point, I tend to entrench myself in the what if’s, the possibilities and the doubts. More often than not, it’s all negative. Negative feeds negative. For this journal, I wanted to explore how “what if” can change and morph and what it all really means.

Here are some questions and what if’s to get you started journaling:

What if…
I finally was ready to….
I fail?
I succeed?
I just went for it?
the best case scenario happened?
I chose to have faith in myself?

Journal Prompt: What If by Kendra Kantor |

Life is just
a series of

Pros and cons for
every step made,
every ground covered &
every foundation

That does not mean
everything is ‘right’ or
more simply:
‘this’ or ‘that’.

My nightmares are filled
with the what if’s & the
I don’t knows.

Do the fears outweigh
the excitement?
Do the opportunities
get us where we want
to go or guide us to
what we truly need
either way?

Journal Prompt: What If by Kendra Kantor |
supplies used : reeves watercolor crayons , strathmore mixed media journal, pilot precise v7 (similar), bombay india ink, speedball dip pen.

Grab your journal, try out the questions and post a link to your finished spread in the comments!

heart kendra

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  1. Posted October 5, 2015 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    Asking questions is always really important, and I agree with you that journaling is a great way to get some clarity. What if… everyone took time for art journaling – I think it would be a better world! 🙂


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