4 Ways Organizing Your Home Can Make You Happier

4 Ways Organizing Your Home Can Make You Happier by Kendra Kantor

If you don’t follow me on instagram, you might not know but my little family of 3 recently moved from Illinois to Virginia. It is a huge step for us in so many ways. We left our support system (and my built in babysitter!) but the job opportunity for my husband was too huge to pass up. It’s only been a few weeks but so far, things are going well.

No matter how well I’m doing with my anxiety, big changes like this can cause me to be a little shakey around the edges. The switch up of a routine is big for me, I need to know what to expect so I can manage my symptoms and I bet you are the same way. Routines are a common (and fantastic) way to keep depression, anxiety or other mental illness a bit more in line.

Our new routine isn’t solidified yet, I’m still figuring out how to work from home without a babysitter and when to schedule chores and things. But something I have been focusing on is our physical space.

It would be really really easy to just pile boxes in the closet and say, “some day.” And it would be even easier to not hang pictures or decorate much since we live in an apartment now. But instead, I’m emptying boxes, making lists of things to buy and selecting which art should go in each room.

4 Ways Organizing Your Home Can Make You Happier

Having things organized can help facilitate a routine

Having your desk ready to go every morning or your beauty supplies laid out or even just your coffee on the right shelf can give you a way to start building your routine back up. One of the first things I did in our new home was to get as many boxes in the correct room as possible and then got them empty right away.

Once I got my desk set up my routine has started to get as back to normal as it can possibly be. (I’m currently writing this as my kiddo plays video games, that’s our new normal!)

Having your space reflect the FEELINGS you want can help keep you calm

Even if you are living in an apartment, I think it’s really important to decorate and hang art. Why? Because it sets the mood for a room. Hanging large black and white photos gives a completely different feel than a collage of family snapshots. The energy of a space is a huge factor in my personal anxiety so picking artwork for each space that reflects what I need and want in my home is essential to my wellbeing.

I pick lots of blues, calming scenes and many family snaps. Because looking at those pictures throughout the day helps me feel calm and centered.

Having familiar objects out can help with the anxiety big changes cause

Moving spaces is hard hard hard. There are some spaces in my home that I want new things but I also really need the comfort of familiarity. Like our hundreds of books. Or even just making sure I am using the same shampoo or that my perfume is easily reach-able every morning. The sight and use of those familiar objects is so small but so helpful. Imagine during a big move to have to get used to a brand new shampoo or having no idea where your favorite book is!

Get them out and get them easily seen and in a place that makes sense and might even be similar to where they were before you moved for peace of mind.

Getting your home organized gives you less to stress about, and less to do

I still don’t utilize lists much but during our move and getting out home organized, I do. A lot. I currently have 4 pages of lists sitting next to me on my desk right now. But the beauty of them is that things are getting done, and they are getting smaller. When we first arrived the lists were things like: “unpack bathroom” now it’s “finish painting for bathroom”. Smaller, and more fun things to accomplish!

Being able to sit on the couch and not see tons of boxes that need packed or piles of things that need organized gives me a lot less to stress about and now I’m able to actually relax and play with my kiddo instead of feeling like I need to be productive constantly.

Having an organized, decorated home is something that really reflects your inner values and emotions. It’s something very small to do in the grand scheme of things and can make more of an impact on your daily mental health than you might realize. Start out small this week and get 1 room in your house organized and decorated and let me know how it feels in the comments!

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    I love this post. I used to be really cluttered. I conquered it once and for all and then became a decluttering coach. The benefits of decluttering and organising can be monumental to our state of mind. Its so worth persevering even when it feels like a struggle. I always say to people that even ten minutes at a time can create remarkable change and shifts in energy.


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