Journal Prompt: Your Bad Day Permission Slip

Journal Prompt: Bad Day Permission Slip by Kendra Kantor |

We all have bad days. Whether we are dealing with anxiety or depression or just the stress of a full time job and being a mom. Or just…LIFE. Last week, I had a really bad Monday. Like, my son told me I cut his toast wrong and I almost had a panic attack over it kind of bad.

And so when I sat down to work on my journal, that bad day was on my mind. That day and others like it I’ve had in the past. I have lists and ideas of things that I can do to pull myself (and you) out of a funk, but sometimes those don’t work and on those days, I really need “permission” to be lazy or to just survive.

On bad days, I give myself permission to…

What do I need on bad days? How can I allow myself to just survive?

What’s the worst that can happen if I take a day “off”?

Journal Prompt: Bad Day Permission Slip by Kendra Kantor |

On bad days, I give myself permission to…
-take a nap
-let J play video games
-feel no guilt
-have ice cream for lunch
-disappear from social media
-ask for help

Journal Prompt: Bad Day Permission Slip by Kendra Kantor |

Get started on this journal page with a free downloadable journal card. Sized 4in x 5in, this psd file is perfect for digital journaling or printing out. Includes 5 custom arrows and text. Pop your email address below to snag it:

Journal Prompt: Bad Day Permission Slip by Kendra Kantor |
supplies used : strathmore mixed media journal, pilot precise v7 (similar).

This week, I encourage you to take the journal prompts above and think about what you can write or create in your journal that will give you permission to just be, to just survive on those days you need that, without the fear of guilt.

Grab your journal, try out the question and post a link to your finished spread in the comments!

heart kendra

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