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Use Color To Represent Mood In Your Art Journal

Most art journalers create their backgrounds first. I’ve seen many who create multiple backgrounds in a session and then work through them and add bits and pieces and journaling on top later on. Or, they just create their background and then journal. Either way, your background almost always comes first. And how do you decide […]

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Journal Prompt: How Does The Word Gratitude Make You Feel?

I’ve been thinking about gratitude lately. It’s something that many people say has changed their life or their mental health. But (I’ll be honest here), I’m afraid of it. The word makes me anxious, and I feel vulnerable. So I wanted to explore the idea of gratitude for myself and after doing some searching, I […]

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Journal Prompt: What Makes Me Vulnerable?

During some of my recent journaling and therapy sessions, I’ve used the word “vulnerable” a lot. I’m afraid to speak up because I feel vulnerable. I’m tired of feeling anxious because it makes me vulnerable. So I wanted to delve into this topic more specifically and I came up with a few questions to guide […]

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