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The 5 Mindful Senses Challenge

I’m excited to announce an all new instagram challenge I’m hosting! The 5 Mindful Senses Instagram Challenge : March 2nd – March 6th Touch. Taste. Hear. Smell. See. Using your 5 senses for 5 days, you’ll learn to pay attention, focus on one task at a time and from there, you can use those skills […]

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A Vision of Loveliness

Loveliness. Is that how you see yourself? I’ve been teaching the Law of Attraction for over two years and one of the first lessons is about visualizing what you want. Our thoughts have the power to create what we want and if we can see ourselves in the picture we want to see we add […]

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How I’ve Learned to Take Time for Self Care When Dealing With JHS

Note from Kendra: Hi lovelies! In the new year, I’ve decided to expand my site a bit and I’m reaching out to some fellow bloggers to share their stories. I’ve asked Jen to be a semi regular contributor here and you’ll see 1 post a month from her for now. I hope you enjoy! This […]

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