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Infographic: How to Calm Down During a Panic Attack

Back in April, I answered an Ask Kendra question about what to do in the middle of a panic attack to calm down. I thought it would be helpful to have a quick guide for you to share and read as well! I made an infographic with the basic steps for you to print, share […]

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Defining ‘Surviving’ and ‘Thriving’

Do you ever go through your day and just think that all you are doing is surviving? All you do is drag yourself out of bed, go to work or school, come home and eat and veg out in front of the tv and then go to sleep again? It’s all you can do to […]

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The 5 Mindful Senses Challenge

I’m excited to announce an all new instagram challenge I’m hosting! The 5 Mindful Senses Instagram Challenge : March 2nd – March 6th Touch. Taste. Hear. Smell. See. Using your 5 senses for 5 days, you’ll learn to pay attention, focus on one task at a time and from there, you can use those skills […]

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