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4 Reasons My Breastfeeding Experience Sucked (or Why It’s Not As Easy As Everyone Makes It Out To Be)

We’ve all heard: “Breast is best!”, right? I remember when I was pregnant, crowd sourcing from other mama’s, I often asked, “Did you breastfeed? For how long?” It was one of the first decisions my partner and I made, because the idea of it felt easy. The mechanics of it turned out not to be […]

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My Son Will Be An Only Child Because of My Mental Health

Since I was little, I wanted a big family of my own. I come from (what I always thought was) a large family. I have 3 siblings (I’m the baby!) and wanted something similar for my own family when it came time to grow up enough to have one. The picture in my head of […]

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Mama, You Aren’t Invisible

Follow my blog with Bloglovin There’s a common occurrence I see all over the place. When you become a mom, when you give birth to your child or adopt, life (seemingly) becomes more about your child than yourself. You post never-endingly on facebook about your child and his/her day. Your profile image is his smiling […]

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