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Here’s What Happens When You Stop Living By Your Values

Over the last year and a half, I’ve really come to realize how much knowing, understanding and living by my values effects my overall mental health and my life in general. It’s amazing how knowing what I value can change my decisions and my boundaries. If an event or activity being offered to me doesn’t […]

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My Son Will Be An Only Child Because of My Mental Health

Since I was little, I wanted a big family of my own. I come from (what I always thought was) a large family. I have 3 siblings (I’m the baby!) and wanted something similar for my own family when it came time to grow up enough to have one. The picture in my head of […]

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Silver Linings of Anxiety

I’ve talked before about looking for positives in all types of situations. This has been on my mind again recently and I wanted to revisit the topic. When I wrote the original piece, I talked more about looking for the positive AFTER something bad happens. But I want you to try something different with me. […]

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