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5 Mantras to Help You Survive the Holiday Season

No matter what religion you adhere to, you probably have some sort of family obligations this winter. And as much as we all (try to) love and accept our families, they can be hard to deal with. Holidays are a very high stress time of the year and so it’s best to try to prepare […]

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How to Enjoy The Holidays and Avoid Overwhelm

Holidays and winter are stressful! Budgets and gatherings, cold and snow and early sunsets. So many things that come together that for those of us with mental illnesses or who are Highly Sensitive People (or even introverts) do not enjoy. So how can you learn to enjoy this time of year and avoid burnout? 3 […]

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Tips for Staying Emotionally Well During Winter

Here in the midwest, it’s already basically winter. It gets dark early, it’s freezing out and we already have some snow on the ground. My toddler is amazed and then cranky when I tell him it’s too cold to go outside. Winter is a bad season for almost everyone. If you have a mental illness […]

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