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4 Things To Remember When You Just Need to Survive (and not thrive)

When you google depression or any number of mental illnesses or even just sadness, you get a lot of advice on how to turn it all around. You see a lot of articles and help on how to “recover” and thrive in your life. You know I’m all for that and truly believe anyone can […]

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My Book “Dear Self” is Now Available, Online (plus, check out a video preview)

Super exciting news today! My new book, “Dear Self: A Collection of Poems and Art” can now be purchased online. Click HERE to view and order “Dear Self”. I created a short little video preview of my book as well that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy. About “Dear Self”: This […]

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Your Journey to Recovery Can Be Rewarding (plus, get a signed copy of my new book!)

Your journey to recovery will be a lot of work. It will be hard. It will take work and effort and lots of tears and lots of failures before you succeed (and then a few more failures). Your journey will be swathed in doubt and pain. You will have days you want to hide and […]

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