There’s Only One You

There's Only One You by Kendra Kantor (plus free wallpaper downloads for your phone and computer) |

Do you know how unique you are?

There are billions of people in the world, but only one of them has the same combination of parts as you. Only one person in the whole world walks like you, talks like you, has the nose you have and the eyes and even that scar on your knee.

Do you compare yourself to everyone else you see? You worry about being an artist or entrepreneur because everyone is already doing it! You worry because “it’s all been done before.”

Yes, that’s true.

It HAS all been done before (or mostly).

But it hasn’t been done by you.

You are the only one in the whole world with your voice, your experiences, your insight and your passion. You are the only one who can bring yourself to the table.

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I know it’s scary to put yourself out there. Because this message I’m writing today is for myself as much as you. I’m out there, I’m going for it and sometimes it’s frightening. But that doesn’t mean you (or I) shouldn’t be going for it.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the doubt of being like everyone else. You are you. They are them.

Don’t let anyone tell you your passion isn’t important, your voice isn’t important. No matter what you love or care about or want to do with your life…you do it.

And you will rock at it! Because there is only one you.

Share in the comments what have you been wanting to do but have been held back by the fear that “it’s all been done before”? How can you make it happen this year?

heart kendra

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4 Things To Remember When You Just Need to Survive (and not thrive)

4 Things To Remember When You Just Need to Survive (and not thrive) by Kendra Kantor |
When you google depression or any number of mental illnesses or even just sadness, you get a lot of advice on how to turn it all around. You see a lot of articles and help on how to “recover” and thrive in your life. You know I’m all for that and truly believe anyone can get to that place.

But sometimes, you aren’t ready for that.

You’ve heard the phrase, “The first step is admitting you have a problem.” In many ways, depression is the same. Admitting you have a problem and need help is the first step to getting that help. But what if you aren’t ready for help? What if you don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything but lie on the couch?

I call those the “survival” days. The days that you just have to get through to the end. You have to do nothing but merely survive. It’s not about feeling better or turning your life around. No, at that point, it’s about making it from A(wake up) to B(sleep).

When I had a relapse with my depression last summer, this was the place I was at. I couldn’t fathom getting up, going to therapy and trying to “fix” whatever was wrong. I just wanted to sleep and hide in my bed. I just wanted to make it through that rough stage, because my emotions were so tumultuous, I couldn’t imagine doing any introspective work.

And that is a totally okay place to be in! No, you can’t languish there forever. But when the emotions are too intense, when you have a huge energy drain…sometimes it’s okay to just survive.

4 Things To Remember When You Just Need to Survive (and not thrive)

Acknowledge and accept the hard place

Yes, you really do need to admit that you have a problem as your first step. Why? Because it makes you more self aware and accountable. Not only that, acknowledging it can allow you to accept it. Tell yourself: “This sucks, I’m going through some hard stuff right now and I’m allowed to merely survive (and not thrive) while I get through this.”

Make an action plan to get back to okay

Whether it be changing you diet, getting a sun lamp or changing medication…make a plan that is fairly inactive on your part. Yes, it’s okay to hang out in that bad place for a while, but not without taking steps to make sure you will soon be able to handle what it takes to feel better.

During the summer, I upped my medication. Those changes can take weeks to make a difference so during that time, I allowed myself the space I needed to feel shitty.

Let your support system know

They can help you if they don’t know what’s going on! If you have a significant other, parent or friend who is your go to person just let them know, “I’m going through something hard right now, and I’m doing x, y or z to get out of this but in the meantime, I need some extra alone time/rest.”

Veg out

Be sure you get lots of rest! That’s what you need most right now. Sleep if you feel tired, treat yourself to that food you are craving and go easy on your workload.

heart kendra
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How To Make Your ‘Word of the Year’ More Meaningful (plus a recap of my 2015)

How To Make Your 'Word of the Year' More Meaningful (plus a recap of my 2015) by Kendra Kantor |

It’s that time of the year when we all start thinking about goals and resolutions and new beginnings. The last few years, it’s been a popular idea to come up with a Word of the Year for yourself, to guide you, to try to emulate and embrace throughout the coming 365 days.

But how do we come up with the word, phrase or idea we want to embrace for 1 whole year? In the past, I’ve done tarot readings and free writing in my journal to help me find the way. There are a lot of blog posts out there with ideas (here, here and here among many many others).

The most important thing I’ve found for my Word of the Year that I want to offer up for you is to pick a word to focus on that is a value you can and will continue to focus on in your life.

Your word becomes infinitely more meaningful if it’s a value that you hold dear to your heart. There are times when short term (month long or even year long) goals can be helpful. But when choosing a Word of the Year, you are so much more likely to pay attention and to actively use the word as guidance if it’s something that you will value and utilize for the rest of you life.

Before I started looking at my Word of the Year as a life long purist rather than a goal or resolution I had to follow for 1 calendar year, I never stuck to it. I don’t even remember what my words were!

But the past few years I remember: roots and health, being present, growth and stability.

I remember them because they are core values for me. I will always be focusing on these attributes, some more often than others but they will always be there.

This year, when coming up with your Word of the Year I want to challenge you to try focusing on a life long goal or value. Find something that will last for a long time, something that means something to you deep down.

Journal It! prompts to help make your Word of the Year more meaningful:

At the end of my life, I will look back and be most proud that I…

I’ve really been neglecting…in my life. Is this truly important to me or is it just important to others?

If I had to boil down my happiness and the richness of my life to 3 points, what would they include?

Here’s An Update on My 2015

I wanted to share a quick update on how my Word(s) for 2015 went. My two words for 2015 were growth and stability and I think I really rocked them this year!

In 2015, I took two courses to grow my business. A creativity coaching course and a training course in acceptance and commitment therapy. My business hasn’t grown exponentially but my knowledge has grown in leaps and bounds because of these courses. My pride has grown too. I can’t believe I WENT FOR IT and FINISHED these courses!

My emotions and routine aren’t yet stable. I had a relapse of depression this year due to medication tolerance but since then, I’ve gotten to a really good place. A few days ago, I said to my husband: “I think I’m actually happy.”

Our finances have grown and are immensely stable now. We just moved 800 miles for a better job opportunity for my husband. Not only is he so much happier and now LOVES his job, he got a raise that has really helped. We no longer live paycheck to paycheck.

2015 was…

full of big decisions
big emotional growth for me
an 800 mile move
for snail mail
the year of the ABCs and 123s
full of mandalas and canvases
intense emotions (both good and bad)
our first family vacation

Share in the comments: What is your word for 2016?

heart kendra

(ps: I’m taking a break from blogging from now until January 12th or so. I’m taking time to be slow, enjoy just my family of three and then my son and I are flying to spend time with my family in early January. I’ll also be taking this time to do lots of brainstorming and planning for my business in 2016. I already have some plans and I’m so excited for them! Have a safe and happy holidays!)

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