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Journal Prompt: What Is Happiness?

Between my move and sickness, I’ve been doing lots of doodles of girls and portraits. They feel needed, I feel like I want to express things with a face along with the words on my page. The prompt I’m sharing today is something so simple that you might scoff at it but just try it. […]

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Life Is Hard When You Forget to Follow Your Instincts

A few weeks ago, after breakfast my 3 year old took off his clothes and then said to me, “Mommy, I want to pee on the potty.” We ran to the bathroom and he went and then I asked if he wanted to get dressed again and he said, “No.” And that was that. He […]

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Rejecting The Idea of “Enough-ness” and Embracing The Feelings of Being “Worthy”

Recently, I shared a freebie download. When I created that small piece of art, I knew I was in some ways rejecting the idea of “enough-ness” but I wasn’t ready to delve deeper into why I thought the idea was wrong. And then I had a rough as hell week and did some free writing […]

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