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Ask Kendra: How Do I Pull Myself Out of a Blah Day?

Ask Kendra is a monthly(ish) feature where I will answer reader submitted questions about mental health, motherhood, creativity and more! (*please keep in mind I am not a doctor or medically trained professional). Have a question you want answered? Click here to submit. How do I get out of a bad mood/day when I’m stuck […]

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2 (and a half) Self Portrait Ideas For Your Art Journal

Whenever I talk to someone about art journaling (or photography), I tell them they should create a self portrait! I know I know, self portraits are scary or maybe even “hipster”. But I think they are important parts of the healing and self discovery journey. Self portraits in our journals, realistic or abstract, visual or […]

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How to Cope When an Unexpected Life Event Happens

Day to day, I manage my anxiety really well. I play with my son, I work, I go out by myself, I create and I do it all without that rock in my gut these days. But sometimes, things happen and it throws a huge dent into how I manage things. Has this happened to […]

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