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Get My E-Books Before I Pull Them From Their Virtual Shelves

I try not to write extremely “business-y” posts on here because it’s just not my style. I want to keep this page helpful for you but there’s some major things happening in the small business world right now that will majorly change how many people do business, including myself. Due to upcoming tax changes, I’ll […]

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Your Mamahood Journey Won’t Look Like Anyone Else’s And That’s Normal

I remember when I was a new mother, I got to that 6 week postpartum mark and was excited. I was thrilled by the prospect of feeling like myself again. Hell, if the doctors say I can have sex and exercise again, I must be healed and healthy and well…right?! Nope. Not even a little. […]

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Personal Truths and Reflections: On Being Pregnant

Personal Truths and Reflections is a monthly series by me. My goal is to learn more about who I am and what defines me, through this series I will talk about truths and lessons I have learned about myself through various things in my life. It is officially my due date month! Scary and exciting. […]

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