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4 Reasons My Breastfeeding Experience Sucked (or Why It’s Not As Easy As Everyone Makes It Out To Be)

We’ve all heard: “Breast is best!”, right? I remember when I was pregnant, crowd sourcing from other mama’s, I often asked, “Did you breastfeed? For how long?” It was one of the first decisions my partner and I made, because the idea of it felt easy. The mechanics of it turned out not to be […]

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Am I Traumatizing My Toddler By Having Panic Attacks In Front of Him?

Over the last few weeks, my almost 2 learned the word “happy”. And he understands what it means. Often at dinner time, he picks a parent or grandparent and starts giving us the thumbs up and then thumbs down sign. We’re supposed to move our faces from smiling to frowning. He laughs and plays along […]

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