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Welcome to the new Like a Bird

I’ve tried to write this post a million times and nothing is coming out right. So I’ll just skip the intro and get to the good stuff. If you’re in a reader or on a mobile device, please JUMP OUT to check out the new design and all new stuff around here. Read the all […]

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Cyclical (of beginnings and endings)

(both pictures in this post taken the day I got my tattoo, so it’s all red and swollen. March 2009) The last few days have been a variety of up very high (so excited to finally have a .com), and very low (money mostly). And as I lay in bed a few nights ago, thinking […]

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Trying Something New- Rubber Stamps

Hello Monday! It’s pouring rain outside, still. I got soaking wet going to class today. I had planned on getting ice cream and junk food and vegging out in front of the TV watching movies and pigging out, trying to eat away the rain and sadness. However, once I got home with goodies, I felt […]

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