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4 Reasons My Breastfeeding Experience Sucked (or Why It’s Not As Easy As Everyone Makes It Out To Be)

We’ve all heard: “Breast is best!”, right? I remember when I was pregnant, crowd sourcing from other mama’s, I often asked, “Did you breastfeed? For how long?” It was one of the first decisions my partner and I made, because the idea of it felt easy. The mechanics of it turned out not to be […]

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19 Reasons Why I’m Nerdy

That’s me. Being nerdy in front of the camera. Yesterday I read a post by Cassie from The Veda House in which she talked about how nerdy she is. Cassie also linked to this post by Michelle at Oh, Mishka for some more nerdiness.) And I thought the idea of sharing why you’re so nerdy […]

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Getting Back to a Good Place

So after my little rant post, a friend of mine commented that I need to just think about why I love art and I was so inspired I pulled out my Art Journal. According to the dates in the book, the last time I journaled was March 16th. Way too long to go without journaling! […]

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