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It All Starts With One Thought

“I think I could be really happy.” This was the thought that crossed my mind a few weeks ago. I remember it so vividly even though it’s been almost a month now and so much has happened in between. I was driving my moms car, on my way home from a chiropractor appointment (which I’m […]

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Experiencing a New Emotion: Rage

There is a dark pit inside of me. A rage I am unused to. It’s not an emotion that is part of my usual crew. sad. hopeless. depressed. anxious. love. So many others. But rage? I started writing this as I start so much else, in my head. The words become ephemeral, I edit, write […]

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Grounding, Breathing and Just Needing to Free Write

Deep breath. Life is on it’s way. It’s getting better. It’s moving forward. It’s on the up. We are no longer plummeting towards poverty, and that helps my depression and anxiety. But things aren’t perfect. I don’t really believe in perfection but what other word is there? Things aren’t how I picture them in my […]

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