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Journal Prompt: What Is Happiness?

Between my move and sickness, I’ve been doing lots of doodles of girls and portraits. They feel needed, I feel like I want to express things with a face along with the words on my page. The prompt I’m sharing today is something so simple that you might scoff at it but just try it. […]

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Journal Prompt: What Makes Me Vulnerable?

During some of my recent journaling and therapy sessions, I’ve used the word “vulnerable” a lot. I’m afraid to speak up because I feel vulnerable. I’m tired of feeling anxious because it makes me vulnerable. So I wanted to delve into this topic more specifically and I came up with a few questions to guide […]

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Check This Stuff Out V8: Spoken Word, How to Have Conversations, Body Hair and more!

“Check This Stuff Out!” is a monthly(ish) feature full of inspiring, beautiful and interesting things I’ve found on my wanderings around the web. I hope you enjoy. This spoken word poem about trying to teach someone about depression is incredibly moving. It’s way past Thanksgiving but these questions to spark conversation are awesome and always […]

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