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2 Reasons Play and Motherhood is Hard

Motherhood is hard. Not necessarily because parenting is a challenge or tantrums happen or even the tears and the fear and the doubt. Sometimes motherhood is hard because I feel like a failure. I don’t enjoy play and as much as I try to embrace what the lovely Kathy Stowell has to say on the […]

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How Having a Mental Illness is Like Being a Toddler

Before I had a kid, I couldn’t have made this comparison but it’s a perfect one. If you have a mental illness you know it’s sometimes (often) very hard to explain. How do I explain that I just don’t feel “normal”, that my emotions are heightened, that it hurts inside…? So how is having a […]

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One Hell of a Week

It has been one hell of a week. I don’t know why. Toddler hood is fucking rough, man. For the kid and for the stay at home mama/ Oh and for the working daddy who has to come home after a very long day and try to deal with a mama who just wants to […]

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