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Journal Prompt: What Is Happiness?

Between my move and sickness, I’ve been doing lots of doodles of girls and portraits. They feel needed, I feel like I want to express things with a face along with the words on my page. The prompt I’m sharing today is something so simple that you might scoff at it but just try it. […]

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Journal Prompt: What If…

During my little break from business, I spent a lot of time being creative. Just getting my hands messy, using my camera, writing and scribbling. Something on my mind a lot lately are the “what if’s”…when I’m in a low point, I tend to entrench myself in the what if’s, the possibilities and the doubts. […]

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Journal Prompt: What Makes Me Vulnerable?

During some of my recent journaling and therapy sessions, I’ve used the word “vulnerable” a lot. I’m afraid to speak up because I feel vulnerable. I’m tired of feeling anxious because it makes me vulnerable. So I wanted to delve into this topic more specifically and I came up with a few questions to guide […]

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